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Clawfoot tubs


  1. The claw foot cast iron tub was first produced commercially in the United States in 1883, when Standard Sanitary Manufacturing Company began to manufacture them. They later became American Standard, the leader in bathroom fixtures today. Other companies also produced claw foot tubs, such as the Kohler Company and Crane. Early versions of the tub were actually primarily sold for other purposes, such as a hog scalder or a horse trough. The possible use for bathing was almost an afterthought.  

    These two tubs were virtually identical in the way they looked.       they sat outside for many years before we rescued them.


    When we restore a claw foot tub, we have the outside sandblasted down to the bare metal, and apply the coating, then on the inside, we clean, repair any chips, scratches, or areas that have been worn away through out the years and then apply the coating. Most tubs are done in gloss white but you can choose any color you like. We can also have the feet plated to match the faucet and other hardware.

     Here are a few links for hardware. These sites have pretty good prices and I do recommend them to all my customers.

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