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     Is your bathtub, tile or countertop stained, damaged or simply an outdated color? If so then Absolute Refinishing can help. We can refinish your existing tub, tile and countertop, as long  as there is no major damage, for around 30%-40% of the cost of replacement. We do this by applying an isocyanate free EP Acrylic finish that is durable and long lasting. We can refinish porcelain, ceramic tile, fiberglass, cultured marble, and laminate.
     The average time it take to refinish a tub is 4 to 7 hours. Our process relies heavily on the prep work. We remove all the old caulking, drain and overflow plate. Clean and repair any scratches, chips, or areas that have been worn away throughout the years and then apply the coating. We then return the following day to do the clean up where we re-install the drain and overflow. Seal up the  area around the tub with new caulk and polish if necessary. After the caulking is set, it's ready to use.
   In a time where people are looking to make their money go farther, refinishing is a great alternative to replacement. What you will end up with is a professional, new looking product 
that you will be pleased with and will last years to come. Now, there are times where replacement is necessary, but if all you need to do is change the color of that avocado green or chocolate brown tub, or that pink or blue wall tile in your bathroom this is a great way to achieve that and save a lot of money. However, if you do want a color, we have a wide array of colors to choose from.

     If you are considering changing your kitchen or bathroom counter tops, we can refinish them as well. With literally thousands of color combinations, we can change the look of your kitchen and bathroom without a lot of hassle and high cost. What we do is spray a base color and then splatter two or more other colors over the base giving your counter top a stone fleck or multi-speck look. We then spray a satin or high gloss clear coat over the top for further protection. Between 24 and 48 hours we return to reinstall the sink and cook top, (if applicable), and do a final inspection. With counter tops and sinks we highly recommend waiting the full 48 hours before use.

      If your tub has a chip or two, you may not need the whole tub refinished. We can repair the chip and even color match  so the repair is virtually invisible.

     Absolute Refinishing is located in Lebanon, TN and proudly serves the Nashville area and all of  middle Tennessee.

We even restore claw foot tubs, pedestal sinks and vintage kitchen sinks. We also have a few on hand to sell. Call for information and pricing.

     Pleas be sure to click on the Facebook link below to visit our page and give us a like. We our always updating our photos there.

      Absolute Refinishing guarantees all of our work and we are licensed and insured.




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